Custom Biothane Riding Tack

Since 1978, Custom Biothane Riding Tack for Endurance, Distance and Trail Riders. The last riding tack you’l buy … in that color

When shopping for new tack, the possibilities are almost endless, making it easy to be overwhelmed with the option choices. Like most of us, you have leather tack, it works, it’s beautiful, traditionalists require it, as do some rulebooks.  The work involved in maintaining leather tack is only one reason to switch to Biothane tack. Today in 2020, more and more judges allow synthetics.  Biothane has been used in the Equine industry since 1977.  Biothane “like” products are made in China, Australia and here in the USA, to name a few.  Whomever you choose to make your new harness or tack, insist on authentic, USA made Biothane, by Biothane, Inc. Parry Harness & Tack was one of the original companies associated with Bioplastics, the inventors of Biothane.

Build your own tack! 

Choose the Biothane BETA material, weights, and widths, hardware, and color combinations.  Consider some of the options listed or suggest your own.  The list is as long as your imagination and design ideas.  Share your jewelry with your horse,  Add an extra snap on the browband for those ear shy mules and horses, add halter squares for cross trying, add reflective Biothane for night riding or hunting season, add a custom Breastplate and matching rein to complete the set.

Showing 1–20 of 35 results

Showing 1–20 of 35 results