Biothane Riding Tack Sets

Custom Biothane Riding Tack Sets

Start with a custom bridle, add the breastplate, rein and perhaps some saddle breeching to complete the set.  Save 15% on any three riding tack item.  Any three items considered a set.

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When shopping for new tack, the possibilities are almost endless, making it easy to be overwhelmed with the option choices. Like most of us, you have leather tack, it works, it’s beautiful, traditionalists require it, as do some rulebooks.  The work involved in maintaining a leather tack is only one reason to switch to Biothane tack. Today in 2020, more and more judges allow synthetics. Biothane has been used in the Equine industry since 1977. Biothane “like” products are made in China, Australia and here in the USA, to name a few. Whomever you choose to make your new harness or tack, insist on authentic, USA made Biothane, by Biothane, Inc. Parry Harness & Tack was one of the original companies associated with Bioplastics, the inventors of Biothane.

Riding Tack Options for Consideration

These are just some of the options available for customizing your riding tack.

  • Biothane or BETA?  Biothane has a harder “feel” than BETA.  BETA looks and feels more like leather.  Both come in lots of colors.  Biothane has a higher break strength making it the choice for Stirrup Leathers and most parts of Driving Harness.  Using a combination of both BETA and Biothane makes a beautiful set of tack, using Beta for the Bridle and trimming the Brow and Noseband with a shiny, contrasting color in Biothane. Samples upon request.
  • Hardware:  Parry Tack uses only Stainless Steel Hardware available in several styles. Western Roller Buckles, Traditional English Buckles as well as the beautiful Horse Shoe Hardware by Jeremiah Watt in both Silver and Black embossed.  Brass is available upon request.
  • Trim Overlay or Underlay Lining:  We offer the same or contrasting color trims and underlinings in either leather-like BETA or shiny Biothane.  Example: Grey Beta Bridle and Breastplate with Black Shiny (Patent leather look) trim on top of the grey. Beautiful!
  • Tack Styles:  Endurance, Competitive and Pleasure Trail, English, Western, Polo, TB Racing & Drill Team
  • Bridles:  Halter Bridle Combinations, Add On Bridles, Browband Bridles, Hackamore Headstalls, Bit-less Bridles, One Ear, Dressage, Hunter Jumper and Schooling Bridles, just ask.
  • Halter Bridle Combo, our most popular bridle, is available in many variations – Snap-on Bit Hangers, Crown Bit Hanger, Snap-on Browband, Jeweled Browband, Full Noseband or Halter Squares with an adjustable chin.  We can also make this bridle with a snap at the crown for those horses, mules, or donkeys with sensitive ears.
  • Bit Less or Bit-less Bridles: In many styles 1. Wild Style (Dr.Cook) 2. Sidepull 3. Sidepull with extra Jaw Strap 4. Combination
  • Breast Collars & Breastplates: Both the V Style as well as the English Straight breast collars are available.  The V Style Breast Collars come with your choice of O ring, D ring, or Horse Shoe
  • Hardware for center ring with a 1” Strap to the girth with a snap or English loop, straps to saddle rings as well as a strap over the withers.
  • Reins:  Offered in Loop or Continuous, Buckle Reins with Buckle at hand, to the bit or both and Split Reins.  We can always add grip to any of the rein styles.  All widths and lengths available and most colors.
  • Parts Available:  Curb Straps or Curb Chains including the Paso Style, Browbands and Nosebands, Cavessons with or without rings, Tie Downs, Bit Hangers, Snap Loops, Girth Loops, Stirrup Leathers, Sponge Leads, Rein Popper, Trailer Ties, Adjustable Barn Cross Ties, Bucket Straps, Spur Straps, Halters – Full, Grooming and Combination are some of the miscellaneous tack we have in stock or can make custom in your choice of colors.

Parry Tack coined the phrase: “Truly, the last tack you’ll buy… in that color”

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Showing all 2 results