Running Bear Tack Special Sales for the Endurance Rider

Introducing: Running Bear Tack Benefit Auction!

🐴 **Own a Piece of Endurance History and Support a Legend** 🐴

Remember Running Bear Tack and Teddy Lancaster? They’ve been a part of our endurance riding and horse care community for years, offering advice, supplies, and enthusiasm to riders nationwide. Now, our friend Teddy needs our help.

Teddy’s health situation has changed, and she’s living in an assisted living facility due to dementia. Let’s come together to support her and her longtime companion, Ed Paige.

🌟 **How You Can Help** 🌟

I’ve gathered the remaining inventory from Teddy’s Running Bear Tack to sell and raise funds for her. These are brand new items that have traveled with her from event to event. You’ll find a variety of biothane tack, gloves, stirrups, girths, saddlebags, helmets, and more.

🐎 **What’s Available** 🐎

I’ll be listing items for sale in sets, starting with Bridles, Breastplates, and Reins. There are different types of Bridles to choose from, including Halter Bridles, Trail Bridles, and variations with or without padding. You can also request specific styles or color combinations for Bridles, Breastplates, or Reins.

🛍️ **How to Buy** 🛍️

Some items will be available for auction, while others can be bought directly. I’ll try to offer a “BUY IT NOW” option for those who prefer to secure their items immediately. And if you’re interested in auction listings, make your bids and let’s make a difference together.

📦 **Shipping Details** 📦

Shipping via USPS Priority usually ranges from $8 to $15, depending on the size of the package. Your items will arrive within 2-3 days.

Let’s rally our horse-loving community to support Teddy during this time. Spread the word to fellow riders, whether you’re into Endurance, Distance, Ride & Tie, or Trail riding. Together, we can make a meaningful impact and show our solidarity.

Thank you for being a part of this effort. Let’s make a positive difference for Teddy and celebrate the legacy of Running Bear Tack! 🐾

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Showing all 14 results