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Runningbear Tack


My apologies for not making the rides I had planned to go to.  I had some truck trouble along with a couple good scares on the rode with my rig.  I’ll try to attend more of the local rides once we get back to Florida.

Teddy- I visited Teddy recently and shared the wonderful cards, letters and phots you sent.  She really enjoyed them, thank you!

A couple weeks ago Teddy was sent to the hospital with a very low heartbeat.  She had surgery for a pacemaker to be implanted.  The nurses say she is recovering nicely.  Ed is still of course paying for her stay at the assisted living facility as well as her copays for medication and other essentials.  Thank you all for your kind donations and support.

Ill be listing more of the tack she had stored.  There are quite a few sets remaining as well as individual bridles, breastplates and reins.  The helmets are almost gone. We have a BUNCH of riding tights that we’d sure love to sell.  As well as Crew Tshirts, gloves, chaps, Nose Kits, girths both Mohair, Felt and wool backed.

UPDATE 2/7/21

Hello Everyone,   Thank you for your kind calls, texts and emails regarding Teddy.  Thank you also for your patience and willingness to participate in the auctions for some of Teddy’s remaining inventory.  More, much more, to come!

Note to you and me from ED PAIGE follows. please scroll down to read.

I had some problems trying to make the auctions more user friendly and got stuck. My website GURU repaired my damage and I can go ahead and list more items for sale and for auction.  I will be starting to do that tomorrow.  So please come back  soon.

ALSO:  I received this sweet note from Ed to share with you… (see below)

In the mean time I have had many of you ask me where and how to donate (other than buying tack) to Teddy’s care.  My Website Genius, Russell, suggested the following product:

For Financial Donations Only Click:

Running Bear Tack – Contribute to Teddy Lancaster’s Care

For those requesting to make a financial donation to Teddy, Thank you

By Credit Card or Paypal:    Choose dollar amount in multiples of $25 here on website

By check:  Payable to Ed Paige, mail to Parry Tack at 16115 CR 450, Umatilla, FL 32784            To contact Ed Paige [email protected]  740-861-3878

By Bank Transfer:   Rounting #063100688     Account #: 10000374107

Please know that these donations go directly towards the monthly fees of the Assisted Living Care facility where Teddy resides. 

If you’ve cards, letters and pictures to share, please mail them to:  Attn: Teddy@  Parry Tack, 16115 CR 450, Umatilla, FL 32784

Call Anita at 407-230-7370 or  Email parrytack@gmail with questions or concerns.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.  Please share!

A note I received recently from Ed,  I’d like to share with you…


Dear Anita,

Of course, I’m very grateful for the donations, tack purchases and expressions of support and affection for Teddy that have been received so far, or will be later.

I will tell you about two of my experiences with her before her dementia.

We were at a ride, maybe it was Big South Fork, over twenty years ago (before my disabling accident). We were returning to camp when her horse threw her off (I think it was Raider, Khalorado).  I watched in amazement and counted the complete revolutions of her body, tucked head-to-knees.  I expected her to be severely injured, or worse.  But after about ten revolutions of the ball she had made her body into, she came to a stop, stood up and walked away!  She credited the tumbling she had learned to do in high school.

Much later, maybe three years ago, here in Florida, when we still took a kitty in a harness on a walk with us, Miou Miou — who is curled up here beside me now, keeping herself warm — slipped out of her harness and dashed off into nature.  I thought we would have to get the Jeep and spend the night there, hoping that she would come back to us.  But Miou Miou rested for a moment near Teddy, who like lightning reach down, grabbed her and returned her to safety!

Priceless memories.

Ed Paige

UPDATE 1/28/21  11:26pm
15 New listings posted – NO RESERVES
Random items, with more to come as it is unpacked.
Goal is to be SOLD OUT within a month! 
Bid with confidence
Let’s help Running Bear Tack!


Teddy is in an assisted living/memory care facility near her home in Dunnellen, FL.  I asked if cards letters could be sent to Teddy directly.  They ask that you mail them to my address and I will deliver them to Teddy (unopened of course) during a visit there.  I’m taking notes from our conversations to share with them also. I’m sure she’d love pictures and stories of the past.
Please address to:
Parry Harness & Tack
16115 CR 450
Umatilla, FL 32784

Thanks again for your help. I’ll work on getting more items up today.

UPDATE: 5PM 1/26/21
Dear Teddy’s Friends,
Due to your kindness and enthusiasm, the 7 day auction I created with the Biothane tack sets sold out in less than 10 hours! Running Bear Tack is still in high demand!
There is more, so much more. I will assemble more “sets”, take pictures, and list them here ASAP, so please check back soon. I’ll post updates here.

In the meantime, please send me a “wish list” with your contact information and particular wishes, including:

Quantity: (EXAMPLE) 1
Item: Smart Bridle
Style: Sidepull
Color or Color Combination (three choices) Turquoise, Navy or Denim – Black or White Lining
Extras: Padding? Halter Squares? No Padding, no halter squares

I’ll keep these emails in order of receipt and do my best to match them to the inventory here.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and support on Teddy’s behalf.

Running Bear Tack, ring a bell?
I’m sure many of you remember Running Bear Tack and Teddy Lancaster, our long time friend and supporter of all things involving endurance riding and horse care. Teddy brought her big trailer full of horse and rider supplies to events across the country. She quickly shared her time, tack, and enthusiasm with so many of us over the decades. She loved to gab and to offer her advice, encouragement, and good humor.

Now Teddy can use our help. In 2019, Teddy’s dementia reached a point where she needed more specialized medical assistance. She is living in an assisted living facility near her home in Central Florida. Ed Paige, Teddy’s longtime companion, is nearby and closely watches over her care.

I’m sure most of you were unaware that fulfilled Teddy’s Running Bear Tack orders while she was moving from NC to her new home in Florida. Parry Harness & Tack, established in 1978, and Running Bear Tack, started not long after, were the first tack manufacturers to introduce Biothane to the equine industry.  As friends and colleagues, each with our own style and following, we attended many of the same shows.I am thankful for her being a part of my life and hope that we horse folks can help her now when she needs us.

I have collected the last remaining Running Bear Tack to clean, catalog, and sell to benefit Teddy. This consists of the remaining inventory from her tack truck (which she sold).Those in our circle support each other in so many ways. If you please, help by sharing this post addressed to all of our friends and customers whose passion is horses. Whether that be the sport of Endurance, Distance, Ride & Tie, or Trail riding, the impact of World and National events has taken its toll on us all. We hope that this finds you and your families safe and out of harm’s way. May God bless us all.

Own a piece of Endurance History and help an old friend and Endurance Legend. These are all NEW items that traveled with her from ride to ride or were in the making from her shop. I’ll be listing them for sale as I clean, replace keepers, and photograph. These items include biothane tack and parts, gloves, stirrups, girths, saddlebags, helmets, etc.

I’ll make sets of Bridles, Breastplate & Reins first. In some instances, there are different types of Bridles (Halter Bridles, Trail Bridles, with and without Brows, Noses, or padding) that match a breastplate or rein set.   Please feel free to ask for a specific Bridle, Breastplate, or Rein style, or color-combination that I’ll post next.  I’ll try to do the auction option with a BUY IT NOW option and/or list for sale. No reasonable offer refused.
Shipping via USPS Priority 2-3 day usually runs $8 – $15, depending on box or envelope.
Let’s help Teddy and get these sold!

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Showing all 12 results