Biothane Dog Collar – Help Dogs in Need with your Purchase


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ALL PROCEEDS TO HELP DOGS IN NEED!  Help us help dogs in need with your purchase. 

Monty, aka, “Montegue Fox Gapper Pierce”, was my best friend and sweetest little English bulldog.  I purchased him for my Mom (who I thought might move in with me but decided to move by the grandkids – of course). So here I was with an 8 week old English Bulldog puppy.  I hadn’t had a dog for 30 years.  Monty trained me well and captured my heart and constant attention.  He became my service dog with professional training and lots of love.

 Unfortunately, I trusted a unscrupulous Veterinarian and his staff at a major Veterinarian Hospital in Maitland, Florida, to do a routine surgery to help with his limp (he was only 3 years old).  Long story short, they (the Veterinarians and staff), completely dropped the ball, refusing to help him (even with my pleading), resulting in him suffering and then died in my arms at home within the hour.  If interested in specifics, do call me.  WARNING!  Always check reviews (Yelp, Google, Consumer Reports and many others), BEFORE entrusting so called professionals.  BEWARE that there are companies – for hire, that will DELETE negative reviews on these sites – eventually.

Monty’s Harness, collars and leashes will be used to help educate and warn others of his plight and to help dogs in need.   ALL proceeds from our dog products to be used to help dogs and the organizations that do the same.

Custom Biothane Dog Collar

With so many horse enthusiast traveling with their beloved dogs, requests for dog harness is a wish we fulfill.

Simply send us your dog’s measurements or better yet, mail us your worn out Dog harness or collar and we’ll remake it in Biothane in your choice of color.  We can take your metal tag off and re-fasten it to your new dog harness or collar. (We make jewelry too)

These dog Collars are fully adjustable with Never Rust Stainless Steel hardware.  Our collars and harness is made with your dog’s comfort in mind.  Matching leads are also available.

Price listed is for small collar.  Build your own with options to see your dogs size and price.  Call for price by measurement.

See the FAQ and Color page on the menu bar for information about Biothane and the color choices.