Collar – 3M Tape Reflective ID Collar – Sold Out

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3M REFLECTIVE ID HORSE COLLAR – In Bright Orange or Bright Yellow, this reflective, ID, or Identification collar is 1.5 wide and adjusts from 28″ to 38″ to fit a pony and a draft horse  It features a break-away velcro strap and stainless steel hardware.  Simply add your contact information to the inside with a permanent marker and leave on your horse whenever you trailer or ride.  

If you’re looking for a more substantial ($35) and Biothane  ($15) collar, see the Biothane Refective Collar listed under Other Tack.  

Use this collar whenever you trailer, camp or trail ride – especially during hunting season!  It’s been a great piece of tack to use when I’ve left my horses on a picket line and been able to shine a flashlight through the window of the trailer and see them in the middle of the night.  Living in Florida, I always felt that the collar would give my horses a chance should they go through a hurricane or tornado and end up in the middle of a road somewhere .  An oncoming car would see them with their reflective collars on shining bright white.

** This collar, if used continuously, lasts a season or two.  It is not Biothane, but shines bright white when light shines on it in the dark.