Running Bear Tack – Contribute to Teddy Lancaster’s Care



Financial Donation Only

For those requesting to make a financial donation to Teddy, Thank you

By Credit Card or Paypal:    In multiples of $25, choose dollar amount in website cart.

By check:  Payable to Ed Paige, mail to Parry Tack at 16115 CR 450, Umatilla, FL 32784            To contact Ed Paige [email protected]  740-861-3878

By Bank Transfer:   Rounting #063100688     Account #: 10000374107

Please know that these donations go directly towards the monthly fees of the Assisted Living Care facility where Teddy resides. 

If you’ve cards, letters and pictures to share, please mail them to:  Attn: [email protected]  Parry Tack, 16115 CR 450, Umatilla, FL 32784

Call Anita at 407-230-7370 or  Email [email protected] with questions or concerns.

Thank you in advance for your kind consideration.  Please share!


Following is a note I received recently from Ed,  I’d like to share with you…


Dear Anita,

Of course, I’m very grateful for the donations, tack purchases and expressions of support and affection for Teddy that have been received so far, or will be later.

I will tell you about two of my experiences with her before her dementia.

We were at a ride, maybe it was Big South Fork, over twenty years ago (before my disabling accident). We were returning to camp when her horse threw her off (I think it was Raider, Khalorado).  I watched in amazement and counted the complete revolutions of her body, tucked head-to-knees.  I expected her to be severely injured, or worse.  But after about ten revolutions of the ball she had made her body into, she came to a stop, stood up and walked away!  She credited the tumbling she had learned to do in high school.


Much later, maybe three years ago, here in Florida, when we still took a kitty in a harness on a walk with us, Miou Miou — who is curled up here beside me now, keeping herself warm — slipped out of her harness and dashed off into nature.  I thought we would have to get the Jeep and spend the night there, hoping that she would come back to us.  But Miou Miou rested for a moment near Teddy, who like lightning reach down, grabbed her and returned her to safety!


Priceless memories.

Ed Paige




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